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How long will it take?


Every item is made to order unless it is labeled as "premade"

All my apparel items are made to order, even if they are not hand made.


Non hand made apparel can take a few weeks, if you need it for an event it is highly suggested to order a month in advance to ensure you will receive it on time in case any complications arise. Also be sure to check my shop schedule to see if I will be out of town if it is a time sensitive order.


If it is a hand made item it depends on my order volume at the time, I usually will have a general time range listed or posted somewhere while ordering, but of course as I am human this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE and can range. I can not completely 100% accurately guess the exact amount of days it will take to make your item, I have to wait for materials, issues may arrive, and  I have many orders beyond yours. So please be patient!