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My P.O. Box is for either reviews or personal gifts! Please read about which one you plan on sending below to make sure it is suitable!

P.O. BOX 6036


Sending a Gift

Thank you so much! Please if you don’t mind include your name or your @ so I can say thank you! I want to let you know I’m very thankful for all of you guys and even the thought of wanting to send me something is mind blowing! But if sending me a gift, please do not have any exceptions of me sending gifts as well. Sadly I am unable to, but I do try to give back as much as I can in general giveaways which you can always join!


-Include that that the package is for a review and you or your shops social media handles, if you could include a description as well that would be great!

-Please only send items I have the ability to review the quality of, something I can actually give knowledgeable feedback on.

-Sending an item for review does not mean I will shout your shop or item out, unless I really do love it and your shop! This is for many reasons, biggest being I have ran into many shops that take advantage, so I do not want to risk sending my customers to an untrustworthy shop. It is just for me to give you feedback no other reasons.

- Please do not send me items to do a “joint give away” I only want to promote shops I have dealt with before, as well as I do not do giveaways in the typical format anymore.